Q – What area does Blueline serve ?

A – While we are licensed to pick up anywhere from Windsor to Whitby to Wasaga Beach, from our base in Chatham we mostly serve Windsor/Essex, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia/Lambton and Elgin/Middlesex/London.

Q – What insurance cover do you have ?

A – Ontario mandates the amount  of insurance  coverage a company operating buses or motorcoaches must have. Through Northbridge Insurance we have the required $8 Million coverage.

Q – How can Blueline charge less for trips and charters than other bus companies ?

A – We don’t do it by compromising on safety ! A new motorcoach costs around $600,000, so if a bus company  borrowed the money at 0% and paid for the bus over 10 years, just the repayments amount to approx. $200, every day*.  So you can see how that might impact fares !

Blueline purchases quality used buses and coaches and we pass the savings onto you. * Based on a 6 day week.

Q – Why do Blueline’s bus trip prices always include a meal or an admission ?

A – It’s required by the Ontario Government as a means of ensuring that bus trips such as ours don’t impact scheduled services such as Greyhound. Where a group charters the bus this does not apply.

Q – How do I book a bus trip ?

A – Select the trip you want, complete the booking form and we will contact you. Regretfully unless 25 seats are sold, trips are cancelled. If a trip is cancelled any monies paid are returned, or you may choose a credit for future trips.

Q – Do you transport groups to the U.S ?

A – Not currently, however we hope to offer this service in the future.

Q – Is it called a bus, a coach or a motorcoach ?

A – Call it what you like – but be sure to call Blueline Bus!